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Fusing technology with fashion, travel with style.

Devieta, “the essence of life,” was started because of a gap in high-quality, fashion-forward functional travel products.
The company is located in Los Angeles, CA. All of Devieta products are designed with fashion in mind , works international artists and fashion designer to create the best fashion accessory while delivering superior functionality.
All products are made by top-notch manufacturer with the premium leather .


Toresa Lou doesn't believe in compromise. Not when she's flying thousands of miles around the world each month and juggling multiple tasks en route, while permanently plugged in to her laptop or smartphone. The ambitious CEO and creative director works hard to make the most of every possible moment in life and she likes to be rewarded with a simple pleasure or two. You know, a helping hand. How about a travel accessory that is as delightfully practical as it is tactile and on trend?


Sadly most manufacturers have long thought differently, either producing cumbersome, confused and uninspiring 'armor' for our devices or going too far the other way and making something eye-catching and extravagant but ultimately … ill-conceived. Covers you would have to remove in order to operate your phone. Bags with no compartments for easy access to important documents and small items. No consideration of real-world problems such as how to keep your laptop processor cool and battery topped up away from home.


In 2011, sensing a real opportunity to meet customer needs and spurred into action after stories of discontent 'on the road', Toresa assembled a team and set about designing a new wave of premium travel accessories for the multi-tasking mobile generation.


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